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Jack-o-Lantern Smoothie

Jack-o-Lantern oranges turn this creamy smoothie into a spooky Halloween treat.
4 Smoothies
Prep time: 
20 Minutes
Cooking time: 


4 navel oranges
Favorite toppings, for decorating
1/2 cup Horizon Organic lowfat milk
1/2 cup Horizon Organic plain yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1-2 tablespoons honey or agave


Cut a thin slice of peel from the bottom of each orange so it will not roll. Slice off the top third of each orange. Scoop out the inside with a serrated knife and grapefruit spoon. Cut a hole in each "cap" to insert a straw. Decorate orange like a Jack-O-Lantern, if desired.

Put pulp and juice (without seeds) into blender with milk, yogurt, vanilla and honey, and blend well. Pour blended smoothie into Jack-O-Lantern oranges, place caps on top, insert straws and serve.


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