What is
Organic Milk?

Certified organic milk comes from organic cows that live on organic farms and graze on organic pastures. Yes, that’s a lot of “organic.” It’s just what we do.

Meeting USDA organic
standards and then some.

Here’s a snapshot of the USDA standards for cows and milk to be certified organic, so you can see what they’re all about. We’ve been pioneering organic since we started in 1991, and our practices go above and beyond USDA standards, for the good of our cows and the land.

Nature Ridge


USDA organic standards protect cows’ time outside. Organic cows graze in the fresh air on wide open organic pastures 120 days or more each year. When weather doesn’t allow them to be outside, they eat organically approved feeds, including grain, and forage. 

Willow Creek

No added hormones

Nature knows best! Organic cows cannot be treated with growth hormones.

Amish Farm

No antibiotics

Antibiotics are off-limits from birth for organic cows. Organic dairy farming believes that fresh air, sunshine, an organic diet, and holistic care are best to keep cows in tip-top health. That said, organic rules require that a sick cow or calf receive the care they need. If an animal becomes ill, natural and alternative methods are often used for treatment. If organic-approved treatments aren’t successful, farmers can use antibiotics or prescribed synthetic medicine to help the animal return to good health. Milk from cows treated with antibiotics cannot be used for any organic product.

Nature Ridge Organic Dairy

All-organic, non-GMO diet

Everything our cows eat must be non-GMO and organic, grown without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. This includes pasture grasses, as well as crops and feed.

Highland Dairy

No prohibited pesticides on the farm

Under organic rules, prohibited pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers aren’t allowed on farms to protect the quality of the soil, water, and air.

Meet our milks

From whole milk to fat-free, grassfed to chocolate, we’ve got it. And it’s always organic.


How is organic milk different than regular milk?

Nourishing a happy, healthy future for all.

Our Farmers
Our Farmers

Our farmers roll up their (flannel) sleeves and go the extra mile.

Cow Care
Cow Care

We’re always thinking about how we can make life better for our cows.


We’re cutting our carbon footprint and finding smarter ways to farm.

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