For the one horizon
we all share.

Shrinking our carbon footprint.

Did you know that about 10% of all U.S. greenhouse gas–or GHG–emissions come from
farming and livestock*? We know we’re part of that number, and we know GHG emissions
contribute to climate change and global warming. So we’re stepping up to reduce our
GHG output, or carbon footprint.

*US EPA “Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Check out these regenerative agriculture stats.

These farming methods do a lot! In 2021, the farmer partners enrolled in our Regenerative Agriculture Program had a big impact**.

  • 8,374

    fewer tons of CO2e***

    the same as taking 1,626 cars off the road for a year, or 41 rail cars of coal saved from being burned.

  • 2,784

    tons of soil carbon
    trapped underground

  • 15,261

    tons of soil saved from
    being lost through erosion

    the same as 954 dump truck
    loads of soil

**Compared to an average conventional tillage, no cover crop farm scenario, per acre basis. 2021 Regenerative Agriculture Program results verified by Sustainable Environmental Consultants.

***What is CO2e? It stands for "carbon dioxide equivalent." While carbon dioxide is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, it's not the only one. (Take methane from cows, for example.) CO2e basically brings all greenhouse gases into one measurement.


Our certified carbon neutral products

Our Growing Years® milks are certified carbon neutral through the Carbon Trust. To achieve this, first we work on reducing our milk’s carbon emissions at the source. Then, we carefully choose offsets to cover the remaining footprint. We work with The Nature Conservancy to purchase carbon offsets from projects that conserve and improve management of forests in the eastern U.S. and also provide educational opportunities for students with a passion for the environment. These carefully considered offsets help make our carbon neutral certification possible.


Nourishing a happy healthy future for farmers, families, animals, and the land.

Going the extra mile every day.

It all starts with compassion.


Always organic.
Tried-and-true delicious.

Fair Hill Farms

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