Organic Certification

We helped get these standards developed, setting
the organic movement in motion.

Our Organic Promise

It’s a big deal.

Just 7% of all milk sold nationwide is USDA certified organic*. Being organic is a lot of hard work, but we know it’s worth it. Check out this table to see the different standards required for grassfed, organic, and conventional milk.

American Grassfed Association certified organic grassfed milk
Certified organic milk
Conventional milk
Requires organic
pasture & feed for
Cows guaranteed
outdoor access
Days spent grazing
Minimum 150 Days/year
Minimum 120 Days/year
No Standards
Pesticides prohibited
under USDA’s National
Organic Program not
allowed on farm
No added growth
hormones or routine
use of antibiotics for
Organic & non-GMO
seeds planted for
No Standards
Wildlife habitat
required on farm
*USDA AMS, estimated 2022 U.S. fluid milk sales.

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Our Farmers
Our Farmers

Our farmers roll up their (flannel) sleeves and go the extra mile.

Cow Care
Cow Care

We’re always thinking about how we can make life better for our cows.


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