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We’re building the tomorrow we want to see. Every single day.

Our Farmers

Our farmers roll up their (flannel) sleeves and go the extra mile.

Our Farmers
Cow Care

We’re always thinking about how we can make life better for our cows.

Cow Care

We’re cutting our carbon footprint and finding smarter ways to farm.

Horizon organic photoTurner Dairy

Yeah, we started it.

We’ve been all-in organic believers since we started in 1991—as the very first organic dairy brand sold across the country. In fact, our founders played a crucial role in creating the USDA organic standards still followed today. True to our roots, our products are always organic, and we keep on pushing our practices forward, for the good of the horizon we all share.

Horizon organic photoSunrise Ridge

What is the organic difference?

Our pasture-raised cows graze outside in the fresh air 120 days or more each year.

Our cows eat an all-organic, non-GMO diet and are not treated with antibiotics or added growth hormones.

Our farmers do not use prohibited pesticides on their cropland or farms.

USDA Organic Standards

We’re part of the B Corp™ movement too.

The global B Corp community of businesses meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

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Always organic.
Tried-and-true delicious.

Fair Hill Farms

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