What exactly is


Glad you asked! It’s not just a word—it’s the standard
we use to work with soil, plants and cows.

Let’s rise to nature’s standard.

    It’s fresh air, exercise and TLC for our cows—they’re never treated with hormones.
  • Non- GMO
    Whether on pasture or in the barn, our cows eat non-GMO.
  • NO antibiotics
    It’s holistic care for our cows, not routine antibiotics.
  • No toxic pesticides
    Our farmers don’t use toxic, persistent pesticides on their farms.
  • Pasture-raised
    Our cows spend at least 120 days a year grazing on organic pastures.

Organic certification isn’t easy, but we’re passionate about it. Did you know that only 6% of all the milk sold in America is USDA certified organic*?

It’s our government’s premier standard for milk and requires farmers to adhere to strict requirements as they care for their cows and steward their land. At Horizon, we think the organic difference makes for happy cows and delicious milk.

*USDA AMS, estimated U.S. 2016 fluid milk sales

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Our farmers


Our farmers

why we went organic