Take action now — it's simple

Tell your congressional representatives to support regenerative, climate-friendly practices for the horizon we all share.

We’re partnering with Environmental Defense Fund—a leading international nonprofit organization—to engage farmers, milk lovers and the entire food supply chain in supporting a healthy, vibrant and sustainable food system. Join us by taking action now. Now that you’ve made your voice heard, let’s hear from the whole herd! Share this link with your friends, then ask them to share it... and you get the idea. It’s all about creating momentum.

Collaborating with EDF

If you don’t already know them, let us introduce you to Environmental Defense Fund. As one of the world’s leading international nonprofit organizations, EDF creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. This includes building climate resilience on the front lines—America’s farms. To do this, EDF links science, economics, law and innovative private-sector partnerships. But no one person or company can tackle climate change alone, so we’re partnering with them to create a chorus of support for policies that build climate resilience on America’s farms.

How we’re leading

At Horizon, we’re looking out for the one horizon we all share. We helped pioneer the organic movement in 1991 as the first organic milk brand sold across the country. Now, we’re standing up for the planet by making better dairy farming the new normal. Check out our action steps here.

  • “Climate change is one of the most urgent threats we face today. This is why we set out on the journey to reduce our carbon footprint in the places that matter most. It’s our hope that others join us in advocating for climate policy to ensure the future we share sits on a brighter horizon.”
    – Regan Ebert, President, Horizon Organic

  • “I’ve been a Horizon Organic farmer for more than 20 years, seeing first-hand how organic farming can make a difference in healthy soil, happy cows and great milk. Horizon has always put farmers at the center, and their ambition to reduce carbon emissions is in line with my vision for the future of farming. With their support of our farm, and others, the Horizon Farmer Investment Fund will help us do what we do best – roll up our sleeves, tackle the issues and keep on farming, for many generations to come.”
    – Ed Zimba, Horizon Organic farmer partner at Zimba Dairy