Our amazing family farmer partners are the heart and soul of Horizon. Here are a few of the ways we support and celebrate them.

Photo courtesy of Keri Pickett


Through our Horizon Organic Producer Education Program, we’ve built a strong community of over 500 family farmer partners. We’re proud to make organic dairy farming an achievable goal for these families, who love the land and do so much for their communities. Our farm support and education team has helped many of them transition to organic, and we have dedicated field reps with hands-on dairy experience.

HOPE Scholarship

Our HOPE Scholarship is an award that encourages young people to pursue careers in organic or sustainable agriculture or large animal veterinary science. Each recipient receives up to $3,500 and must be either a child or grandchild of our family farmers. Since 2007, the HOPE Scholarship program has gifted nearly $128,000 to 46 college students pursuing a degree in agriculture and related fields.

Farm Aid

Since 2003, Horizon has helped sponsor the annual Farm Aid® concert in honor of our own farmers and farmers all across the U.S. This concert brings together world-famous musicians like Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Mathews, and their fans to celebrate the great work our farmers—our country’s unsung rock stars—do every day. Farm Aid has raised more than $53 million to promote a strong and resilient family farm system of agriculture.