Raise ‘em up right

Organic cows are raised according to organic regulations from before birth, so we give them the best care from day one. We rely on TLC, fresh air and holistic care to keep our cows healthy. They are not treated with growth hormones or antibiotics. If a calf or a cow should happen to become ill, we start with natural and alternative veterinary methods approved under organic regulations. If those don’t work, we will use antibiotics or other medication as needed, but the cow’s milk will no longer be used in our products.

Respect the herd

Cows are social animals. So, we make sure our cows are free to graze, exercise, and lie in the sun—with access to water and shade, of course. Even when they’re indoors, we make sure they have plenty of room to turn around, lie down, move around or just chew the cud with friends.

Out on pasture

Our cows get outside to graze on organic pasture at least 120 days every year. (The cows that make our grassfed milk graze on organic pasture at least 150 days a year.) You are what you eat—it’s true for cows too. So it’s only non-GMO, organic pasture, grass, grains and feed for our cows.