Raising the
bar on
cow care and

We’re all in on helping cows live their best lives.

To us, that means making compassion and empathy a habit in how we treat our cows, our farmers, and our teams. Here’s what we’re doing to keep pushing our animal welfare standards forward.

Willow Creek Farm

Horizon Organic Animal Welfare Program

Quality the Horizon Organic way

Our program includes quality of life and enrichment for our cows. Cow brushes are an example of enrichment–they just make cows’ day-to-day lives better. The program also focuses on optimizing milk production through care, not maximizing it to get more milk.

Quint S Farm

Program details

Our program is also unique in recognizing that the care and empathy shown to farm workers directly impacts the care and empathy given to the animals in their care. The conditions of farm workers, along with milk quality, are key elements of the program.

The Horizon Organic Animal Welfare Program:

  • Sets clear non-negotiables
  • Puts empathy for cows first
  • Emphasizes care for farm workers
  • Creates high standards regardless of farm size
Willow Creek Farm

Quality & Care Audit

Staying accountable

We regularly conduct animal welfare audits across our partner farms to make sure we’re walking the walk.

Fair Hill Farms

Horizon Cow Champions

Are “cow champions” cows or people?

They’re people – all cows are champions to us. Our Cow Champions are our traveling staff of field experts and veterinarians.

Our champions

  • Administer the Quality Care Program
  • Support the external audit process
  • Advise our farmer partners by phone and in person

Nourishing a happy, healthy future for farmers, families, animals, and the land.

Going the extra mile every day.

Doing our part to farm smart.

Always organic.
Tried-and-true delicious.

Fair Hill Farms

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