We’re still pioneers at heart. Here’s how we’re taking action on climate change, doing more for our farmer partners and the land.

Carbon positive
by 2025

Big news! We’re going carbon positive across our entire supply chain by 2025, from farm to fridge. For us, carbon positive means achieving carbon neutrality, and then going even further, to remove and prevent additional carbon from entering the atmosphere. We’re reducing our emissions through soil health practices and management of our cows’ diets and manure. And we’re helping our family farmer partners boost the energy efficiency of their farms. Our carbon positive commitment extends to our manufacturing facilities, the transport of our products, and our packaging. Read more about our sustainability initiatives.

Investing in our
farmer partners

Our journey towards becoming carbon positive begins with our family farmer partners—over 600 of them around the country. With $15 million allocated through 2030, our Horizon farmer investment fund will help support our farmers with low and no-cost loans to get the training, tools and technology it will take to meet our carbon positive commitment and foster environmental resiliency. Learn about other ways we support our farmer partners.

healthy soil

Healthy soil is alive—literally teeming with microbes, full of organic matter, and home to insects and worms. The healthier the soil microbiome, the better. Especially when it comes to sequestering carbon in the ground, growing nutritious grass for our cows, and retaining water to prevent erosion. We’re using 11,000 pilot acres of land to study innovative soil practices that will benefit our farmer partners and the environment. Learn more about soil here.

Helping the herd

Certified organic cows eat organic feed and graze on organic pasture. But even with an organic diet, they still produce methane, a greenhouse gas. In order to become carbon positive, we’ve got to help our cows put out less methane and improve the way we manage their manure. So, we’re exploring how to optimize our cows’ diets as we follow best-in-class animal welfare standards. Curious about other organic cow care principles? Get more info.