We love cows! We tend our herds humanely and with respect.

TLC starts early 

The best way to know exactly how each of organic cows has been raised is to raise them ourselves whenever possible. We also try our best to create a healthy, stress-free environment for our expectant cows as they give birth.

Let cows move  

We believe that happy cows make delicious milk. And being outside is something that makes cows happy. Our cows graze on organic pastures at least 120 days a year.

An all-organic diet

You are what you eat is true for cows too. Our cows eat non-GMO and organic, whether they’re grazing on grass or eating hay and feed. At least 30% of our cows’ dry matter intake comes from grazing.

Our farmers tend their land with the same care they give their cows.

Healthy soil is vital.

The foundation of any farm is the soil, so our farmers rely on composting, cover crops, crop rotation and responsible grazing to help manage soil health and provide their cows with pasture grass and forage.

Grazing is good.

Cows help break up the soil and fertilize it as they graze, and they get the chance to socialize too. Healthy soil benefits the grass, the grass benefits the cows, the cows benefit the soil. And repeat.

Wind wins.

At our company-owned milk processing and packaging facilities, we offset 100% of the electricity used to make our products with wind energy through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates.

We’re pioneers, pushing organic into the future.

Share our passion 

Organic really inspires us! (You can probably tell.) We want our passion for organic farming to inspire everyone who drinks our milk, along with our peers in the agricultural community.

Exceed expectations 

It’s a given that our milk and dairy products meet USDA organic standards, but we don’t stop there. We’re always looking for ways to evolve organic, as well as to broaden our own sustainability initiatives.

Lead the way

As pioneers of the organic movement, we know that sometimes you have to fight the status quo to create change. Beyond USDA organic standards, we hold ourselves to B CorpTM community standards, balancing profit with purpose and using business as a force for good.