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Colby Cheese Sticks

Sandwich Sushi Roll

This roll is a great way to perk up your kids' lunch boxes.
1 Serving
Prep time: 
10 Minutes


1 slice organic whole grain bread
1/4 tsp organic mustard
1/4 tsp organic mayonnaise
2 slices organic turkey lunch meat
1 thin organic carrot stick
1 thin organic cucumber stick
1 Horizon Organic Colby Cheese Stick


Trim crust from bread, then use rolling pin to roll into a thin rectangle. Place rectangle with short side facing you. Spread the bread with mustard and mayonnaise, leaving 1/4" strip at the top short side.Place turkey on bread, trimming as necessary to fit and leaving 1/4" strip at top. Place carrot stick and cucumber stick at bottom end of turkey. Slice cheese stick in half and lay it alongside carrot and cucumber.

Starting at bottom, tightly roll sandwich sushi roll. Make sure to squeeze carrot, cucumber and cheese sticks so they nestle together. When rolled completely, give the roll a squeeze all over, then press along bread seam to seal. Use sharp knife to cut roll into coins, using a firm downward motion.


Recipe and photo from Eating Richly



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